Barcode Labels

Labelsales can supply and print labels, according to your specific requirements.

Bar codes are universal in distribution and use, from the supermarket to the factory floor, throughout the supply chain and even on ID books and car licences.

The advent of the first commercially viable bar code scanning systems in 1974 heralded the dawn of a new era in data collection. Enormous strides in the scanning and decoding of bar codes have taken place over the last 30 years and this technology is still at the forefront of the automatic data collection process. To facilitate the understanding of how these bar codes work, a brief explanation on the process follows:

  • Bar Codes are in effect like a printed version of Morse code. Different bar and space patterns are used to represent different characters. Sets of these patterns are grouped together to form a “symbology”.
  • There are many types of bar code symbologies, each having its own special characteristics and features.
  • Most symbologies were designed to meet the needs of a specific application or industry. For example, the EAN/UPC symbology was designed for identifying retail and grocery items. These ubiquitous codes are found on virtually every item in the local supermarket.
  • The purpose of these symbologies is to allow the various types of bar code scanner to quickly and accurately read and transmit the encoded data to a host system.
  • Bar code scanners present the decoded data to the host system in the required format to allow the system to utilize the information transmitted.
  • This electronic interpretation of printed bar codes eliminates human errors in transcribing data required in a system, such as a point-of-sale operation in a supermarket.

With the speed and accuracy obtained by barcode scanning, the time taken to gather information is substantially reduced.

Do you need to register for the use of bar codes on your products?  Please go to for further details.

Have you already registered at GS1 but you require printed barcode labels?

We supply a service to our customers whereby we will supply and print any basic label for you.  This means you can enjoy the benefits of using an ARGOX label printer without having to buy the printer yourself.

We can print any quantity of labels with a basic design with this method.  Examples are barcode labels, medical prescription labels, instruction labels, consecutively numbered labels (e.g. serial numbers) etc.  The only requirements are that the printing must be done in black, blue, red, or green, there should not be more than one printed colour and any graphics should be basic.

Should you require additional information on Labelsales products such as Barcode labels or barcode generators, please contact us.