Printed Labels on Rolls

Labelsales offer you a full range of printed labels at very competitive prices.


If you have an enquiry then please make sure that you provide us with as much as possible of the following information:

How many printed labels do you require?
The minimum order quantity is NORMALLY in the region of about 5 000 labels but there are exceptions.  As is the case with any manufacturing process, the more you manufacture, the lower the production cost per item becomes.

On what substrate do you intend to apply the Printed labels?
Certain applications require a more aggressive adhesive to enable the label to adhere properly.

How many colours will your artwork be made up of?
If you would like to include a photograph on your printed label, then the artwork will be made up of at least 4 colours.  The number of colours in your design does not drastically effect the price of the label but all colours require a printing plate to be made up for that specific colour (once of cost)

What finishing does your printed label require?
The most commonly used labels are made of a semi gloss paper material.  For a more shiny finish an ultra-violet varnish coating can be applied during the manufacturing process.  Then there is also the possibility of having the label laminated with a clear poly prop material.  This ads strength as well as a measure if water resistance to your label.

What material type does your application require?
Apart from the usual semi gloss material, one can also choose from poly prop (white or clear), dairy film (shiny pearlescent effect) as well as some other specialized types of material.

What size would you like your printed labels to be?
Labels are “cut out” during the manufacturing process by means of a cutting die.  These are made before the labels are manufactured and can be costly.  Due to the large number of cutting dies we have available, it is impossible to provide a list of existing dies at this time.  Please give a approximate idea of the size you require and the chances are good that we will be able to closely match your desired size.

How many variations of the same label do you require?
In many cases it would not be necessary to produce for a full range of new printing plates if there are only detail changes from one label to another (e.g. bottle sizes, different bar codes etc.

Should you require additional information on Labelsales Printed labels or Label Printers, please contact us.