Barcode Scanners

Labelsales offer you a full range of Argox, Cipherlab and Metrologic barcode scanners at very competitive prices.

There are many more models of barcode scanners to choose from than the three most popular models listed below. If you have a specific application or requirement that is not covered by the models listed here, then please contact us for more details.

Argox AS-8050

An excellent scanner for general purpose.

Fast 1D barcode reading
New technology and powerful scan engine with excellent performance
highly increase the reading speed.
Up to 3mil reading capacity
High density resolution that can capture the code on 3mil barcode
such as jewelry tag.
Easy to read screen barcodes
Support all type of electronic device, such as mobile phone, tablet
and LCD display. 

Cipherlab CPT-8001

CPT 8001 Portable Terminal. Retail and General Purpose Terminals. Ideal for Retail Applications…


  • Programmable in: Basic, C & Application Generator
  • 1MB program memory + 1 MB data memory
  • Integrated Linear Imaging or Laser Scanner
  • Built-in IR/IRdA port
  • 100×64 Graphics LCD with Back Light
  • Over 100 working hours
  • Ideal for Retail Applications

Honeywell 1250G

Extend your scanning range with the Voyager™: 1250g single-line laser barcode scanner. It aggressively reads linear barcodes up to 58.4 cm (23 in) away, making the job more comfortable and productive for your team. And the scanner is quick to switch to hands-free scanning with the included stand.